A Strong Woman….?

So….apparently we have evolved past the phase of ‘nobody gets to tell a woman how they should behave/dress’ etc etc.

And now we are in the era of ‘A strong woman is the one who….’. Yeah, we have plenty of options to fill that blank.

However, I wonder why not just let women be. Whatever they wish to be, however they wish to be.

Let them cry, let them forgive and forget, let them choose their families over their careers if that is what they really want.

Ladies, you dont have to do something just because people tell you that those are the qualities of a ‘strong woman’. You are strong in your own way just as you are beautiful in your own way.

Nobody gets to define a ‘strong woman’ just as nobody gets to define a ‘beautiful woman’.

Oh and, Happy Women’s Day ❤


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Much love ❤



13 thoughts on “A Strong Woman….?

  1. Exactly!!!
    People generalise so much……
    Depending on caste, gender, blah blah…….
    Couldn’t agree more……
    Annd though everyday is a women’s day….. But here let me use this opportunity to wish you and everyone
    Happy women’s day!!!

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